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Daya Lorin © Copyright 2012 – Felecia Seard

It’s contemporary gospel music with a blend of jazzy vocals, soulful delivery, and eclectic musical style.
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Daya Lorin | Day of Victory

Day of Victory

  Daya Lorin © Copyright 2010 – Felecia Seard

This eclectic gospel music offering combines musical influences like R&B, Neo-Soul, Rock and Jazz with the truth that each day is victorious when we commit our lives to Jesus, trust, obey, and rest in Him! Experience your days of victory!
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Daya Lorin | Daya Lorin

Daya Lorin

 Daya Lorin © Copyright 2009 – Felecia Seard

Soul-stirring urban contemporary gospel music with a jazz-inspired, R & B feel.

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